Dumaine to Viviani: 2 July 1914, France’s Appraisal

In the early days following the Sarajevo assassinations, the French Ambassador to Austria-Hungary, Monsieur Dumaine, shared his views on Austro-Hungarian reactions with the French President of the Council, René Viviani, the de facto Prime Minister. Viviani was also France’s Minister for Foreign Affairs.

M. Dumaine to M. René Viviani. Vienna, 2 July 1914.

The crime of Sarajevo arouses the most acute resentment in Austrian military circles, and among all those who are not content to allow Servia to maintain in the Balkans the position which she has acquired.

The investigation into the origin of the crime which it is desired to exact from the Government at Belgrade under conditions intolerable to their dignity would, in case of a refusal, furnish grounds of complaint which would admit of resort to military measures.

Source: French Yellow Book

Image: René Viviani


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  1. philipcoggan · · Reply

    That is some of the most convoluted prose I’ve ever read. The general idea is clear enough though.

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