France’s Suspicions Over A Note to Serbia: 19 July 1914

On 19 July, French Ambassador to Austria-Hungary, Monsieur Dumaine, shared his suspicions of Austria-Hungary’s intention of sending a note to Serbia with the French President of the Council, René Viviani, the de facto Prime Minister. Viviani (pictured) was also France’s Minister for Foreign Affairs.


Dumaine to Viviani. Vienna, 19 July 1914.

The Chancellor of the Consulate, who has sent me his half-yearly report, in which he sums up the various economic facts which have been the subject of his study since the beginning of the year, has added a section containing political information emanating from a trustworthy source.

I asked him briefly to sum up the information which he has obtained regarding the impending presentation of the Austrian note to Servia, which the papers have for some days been persistently announcing.

You will find the text of this memorandum interesting on account of the accurate information which it contains.


Source: French Yellow Book


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