World War I: 100 Years On, the Search for Answers Continues

Europe 1914

The purpose of this blog is to trace the outbreak of the First World War. Over the summer, we followed the march to war together, day by day, exactly 100 years after the events. My aim was to share with you one document every day that traced the development of the July Crisis.

What a success it was! I did not expect to find such a following of individuals so interested in the July Crisis of the summer of 1914. For this, I thank you. 

Bolstered by this success, I have decided to continue. The documents we discovered together over the summer were merely the surface of an immense treasure trove. Starting tomorrow, we will discover more. We will go through the Austro-Hungarian documents on the outbreak of the Great War day by day.

Stay tuned as the journey continues.



  1. Very glad to hear this!

    1. July 1914 · · Reply

      Thank you!

  2. philipcoggan · · Reply

    Fascinating cartoon map, very clearly showing German fears and a few hedged bets (Britain as a man in a kilt looking a bit stand-offish)

  3. Thank you for sharing such important historical documents!

    1. July 1914 · · Reply

      You’re welcome!

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