The Austro-Hungarian Red Book: 30 June 1914

On 28 June 1914, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Chotek are assassinated in the streets of Sarajevo. In the following telegram, the Austrian counsellor of legation William Ritter von Storck informs Vienna of the official mood in Belgrade, the Serbian capital, two days after the Sarajevo assassinations. 

Serbia 1914



Counsellor of Legation Wilhelm Ritter von Storck to Minister of Foreign Affairs Leopold von Berchtold. Belgrade, 30 June 1914.

I presented today to M. Gruitch, the Secretary General of the Foreign Office, the pertinent inquiry as to what steps the royal police had taken, or intended to take, in an effort to trace the threads of the outrage, which notoriously led into Servia. His reply was that, so far, the Servian police had not even taken the matter up.


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