Austro-Hungarian Red Book: Berchtold to Szogyeny, 8 July 1914

On 8 July 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Count Leopold Berchtold wrote to the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador in Berlin Count Szogyeny (pictured). In his stricly private coded telegram Berchtold discusses German policy toward Austria-Hungary.


Count Berchtold to Count Szogyeny. Vienna, 8 July 1914.

In cypher — Strictly private

Herr von Tschirschky [the German Ambassador], as instructed, repeated to me the declarations which are contained in your Excellency’s telegrams.

I shall beg your Excellency to go to the Imperial Chancellor and express my warmest thanks for these declarations, dictated by the spirit of purest loyalty. The readiness with which the Imperial government acceded to my propositions is a fresh proof that the aims and the marked lines of the policy followed by the two allied powers in the Balkans are identical.

As soon as ultimate resolutions have been taken (the time depends upon how soon the judicial inquiry in Sarajevo is concluded), I will communicate them without delay to the Imperial government.

With regard to the diplomatic steps of the Triple Alliance in the case of Bulgaria, I should like to say that it would be advisable to delay giving information in Bucharest because, should we go to war with Servia, the information in question might cause Roumania to adopt a very unfriendly attitude towards us.


Source: 1919 Austro-Hungarian Red Book, with minor edits


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