Austro-Hungarian Red Book: von Merey to Berchtold, 18 July 1914

On 18 July 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador to Italy Kajetan von Merey sent a strictly private telegram to the Austro-Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs Count Leopold Berchtold (pictured). In his telegram, von Merey advises Berchtold on Austro-Hungarian policy towards Italy.

Count Leopold Berchtold

Count Leopold Berchtold

Herr von Merey to Count Berchtold. Rome, 18 July 1914.

Cypher.—Strictly private.

Two members of my embassy in conversation with the German Secretary of the Embassy, Count Berchem, received the impression that the German ambassador, who is also staying in Fiuggi, had already told the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs in confidence of our plans with regard to Servia.

This would not be the first instance that in delicate questions between us and Italy, Germany tries to render service to the latter at our expense.

Perhaps this is the reason why the Marquis di Sait Giuliano [the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs], who was to have ended his cure in Fiuggi at the close of next week, and who came to Rome for two days and then went to Vallombrosa, now writes to me that he will interrupt his cure on Tuesday the 21th, and will come to Rome on Tuesday for 24 hours. He will not leave Fiuggi definitely until the 27th.

I must therefore be prepared that the minister on Tuesday questions me with regard to our strained relations towards Servia. The Secretary-General de Martino has already attempted to do so. Unless I receive instructions to the contrary, I will show myself absolutely uninformed, although I should be in a painful situation if, from what the minister says, I should see that he has already been taken into the secret (possibly by Germany).


Source: 1919 Austro-Hungarian Red Book, with minor edits


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