Austro-Hungarian Red Book: Szapary to Berchtold, 18 July 1914

On 18 July 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador to Russia Count Szapary (pictured) sent a coded telegram to the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Count Berchtold. In his telegram, Szapary informs Berchtold of Russian attitudes towards Austria-Hungary.



Count Szapary to Count Berchtold. Saint Petersburg, 18 July 1914


Herr Sazonov [the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs], whom I visited today, on his part avoided speaking of our relations towards Servia. I mentioned to him that in our country everybody was still under the sad impression of the recent catastrophe; I told him that I considered the beginning of terrorist revolutionary methods in the life of neighbouring people a very serious symptom and a danger for all States, especially for Russia.

The minister did not attempt to deny this, and remarked that he had been somewhat disquieted by the latest news from Vienna. He then expressed his conviction that a proof of the toleration of such doings on the Servian governments part would never be obtained. I answered that I ignored the result obtained up to the present time by the judicial inquiry but that I believed that every government was to a certain degree responsible for what happens on its territory. Moreover, the belief is held in Vienna, that, should any demands be addressed to the Servian government on this subject, Servia would meet them halfway.

Though Herr Sazonov had a short time before expressed some anxiety to my German colleague with regard to the form in which these demands might be put, he did not say anything of the kind to me.


Source: 1919 Austro-Hungarian Red Book, with minor edits


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