Austro-Hungarian Red Book: Count Szecsen to Count Berchtold, 22 July 1914

On 22 July 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador to France Nikolaus Count Szecsen (pictured with his family) sent a private telegram to the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Leopold Count Berchtold. In his telegram, the Ambassador asks for instructions on the publication of the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to Serbia in France.

Nikolaus Count Szecsen with his family

Nikolaus Count Szecsen with his family

Count Szecsen to Count Berchtold. Paris, 22 July 1914.


Concerning the decree of the 20th of July. I beg an answer by telegram whether when I present a copy of the above decree, I am to request the content to be treated as private or not.

Some of the demands addressed to Servia are very energetic and will probably be severely judged by this press, so that it might be desirable that the official text should not at once be given to the newspapers.

If however the text is published in Vienna, there would be no sense in demanding privacy.

Paris newspapers are already publishing information concerning the content of the note.


Source: 1919 Austro-Hungarian Red Book, with minor edits.



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