World War I: How Germany Blundered into War

Those of you who have followed JulyCrisis1914 since its inception in June 2014 will know that its creation coincided with the publication of an e-book, World War I: Germany’s Blundered War. The aim of this blog is to understand the outbreak of the First World War through primary documents. It is only with this raw data that each individual can form their own informed opinion.

DE 2nd Edition Cover 2 - pic

However, sometimes context is necessary. Sometimes, primary sources need to be weaved into a narrative. It is for this purpose that I have written a second edition to my short e-book. Using primary documents, many of which you will have seen on JulyCrisis1914, it offers a historical interpretation of Germany’s decent into war. World War I: How Germany Blundered into War (Second Edition) is now available on Amazon. It will be free to download on Friday 6 February.

Should you choose to download the e-book, feel free to write a (hopefully positive) review.



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    History becomes legend, legend becomes myth, and myth becomes The Lost Knowledge. That which is lost is not just the knowledge itself but also how to Think and use that knowledge. [LOTR Paraphrase -Opening Scene]

    1. July 1914 · · Reply

      Thank you for the link!

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