Austro-Hungarian Red Book: Baron Giesl to Count Berchtold, 24 July 1914

On 24 July 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador to Serbia Baron Wladimir Giesl (pictured) sent a coded telegram to the Austro-Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Leopold Count Berchtold. In his telegram, Giesl updates Berchtold on the Serbian response to the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum.

Baron Wladimir von Giesl

Baron Wladimir von Giesl

Baron von Giesl to Count Berchtold. Belgrade, 24 July 1914.



According to information from different sources, the Council of Ministers, with the crown prince in the chair, has taken no binding resolution by this evening, and it was openly declared that an answer would certainly not be given today, all ministers not being yet present.

The Montenegrin and Greek Ambassadors were received by [the Serbian Prime Minister] Pasic and the former was heard to say with emphasis to a colleague, that Montenegro would march with Servia.

The Greek Minister denies the conclusion of an alliance with Servia, and also a change of the old arrangement since the last Balkan War. He seems to have doubts with regard to the attitude of his government and does not seem particularly well . . . .[note: illegible].

Except the consignation of the garrison to barracks, no military measures can be observed.


Source: 1919 Austro-Hungarian Red Book, with minor edits.


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