Austro-Hungarian Red Book: the Italian Ambassador visits the Ballhausplatz, 25 July 1914

On 25 July 1914, the Italian Ambassador to Austria-Hungary paid a visit to the Ballhausplatz (i.e. the Austro-Hungarian ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna). The Ambassador informed Austro-Hungarian officials of Italian policy in the crisis between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

The Ballhausplatz, Vienna

The Ballhausplatz, Vienna

Visit of the Italian Ambassador to the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ballhausplatz). Vienna, 25 July 1914.

The Italian Ambassador came here today, and, referring to the conflict of the Monarchy [i.e. Austria-Hungary] with Servia, declared that the Royal Italian government, would, if this conflict lead to war and to an occupation of Servian territory, even if it were but provisional, make valid its rights of compensation on the ground of Article VII of the Triple Alliance. Moreover, the Royal Italian government is of the opinion that according to the provisions of the same Article VII, we must, before occupying Servian territory, come to an understanding with our ally. Nevertheless, the Royal Italian government informs us that it will adopt a friendly attitude, concordant with the duties of an ally, in the eventuality of an armed conflict between Austria-Hungary and Servia.


Source: 1919 Austro-Hungarian Red Book, with minor edits.


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