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Into History: 1914-2014

The First World War defined the twentieth century. In its wake, millions died. In its wake, millions lay wounded or displaced. World War I unleashed violence and tragedy on a scale never before seen during the course of human history. 100 years on, the debate on the origins of the Great War remains unresolved. The July […]

World War: 4 August 1914

On 4 August 1914, 100 years ago today, Britain, following an ultimatum to Berlin, declared war on Germany. The July Crisis was over. The war became global. Proclamation issued by the Foreign Office. London, 4 August 1914. Owing to the summary rejection by the German Government of the request made by his Majesty’s Government for […]

Belgium at War: 3 August 1914

On 3 August 1914, the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julien Davignon, gave the following note to the German Ambassador to Belgium, Herr von Below Saleske. Belgium refused military access to Germany. Davignon to von Below Saleske. Brussels, 3 August 1914. The German Government stated in their note of the 2 August 1914, that according to reliable […]

Germany’s Request to Belgium: 2 August 1914

On 2 August 1914, Germany, fearing an attack from France through Belgian territory, demanded military access through Belgium.   German Ambassador to Belgium, Herr von Below Saleske, to M. Davignon, the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs. Brussels, 2 August 1914. Reliable information has been received by the German Government to the effect that French forces […]

Germany Declares War on Russia: 1 August 1914

Facing what it believed to be intolerable pressures, Germany declared war on Russia on 1 August 1914. The local Balkan war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia now became European.   The German Ambassador to Russia. St. Petersburg, 1 August 1914. The Imperial German Government have used every effort since the beginning of the crisis to bring […]